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Sunday Morning Classes

*Pastor Haberkost leading bible study at 9:15am in the Fellowship Hall

*Dennis Weismantel is leading a bible study at 9:15am in the 4-way room

*Youth will meet with Terry Leu in the Youth Room at 9:30am

*Children will have aged group classes at 9:30am. We will offer a Family Opening in the Fellowship Hall on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 9:30am, then children will have class.

During the week via Zoom

*Wednesday 9:30am Women's Bible Study with Deb Kane 

If you are interested in receiving the Zoom link, please contact the church office at

Monthly Bible Study Options

*First Saturday of the Month: Men's Bible Study, 7:30am in the Fellowship Hall

*Second Saturday of the Month: Women's Bible Study, 8:30am in the Youth Room

*Fourth Sunday of the Month: Young families potluck and bible study at 5pm. Bring a dish to share. Babysitting provided.

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